Since the earth is 70% water, now and then, people have to fly drones around water. Our amphibious drone that incorporates a fully waterproof quadcopter frame, waterproof motors, and camera housing can be floating on the surface and even film underwater.

 We fly when other operators are grounded, rain or shine. All of our air operations are subject to final weather okay by our pilot in real time. 20 mile an hour or more of wind is a safety concern for all drone operators and is considered carefully before we fly.

Post video editing and complete production of your project is available with our Adobe Pro software. We can do non-aerial video and photos also. All projects can be saved to the media and format of your choice.

Our team offers production of ; 

Real Estate

Family Gathering, Custom Holiday Messages

Resort and Hotel Advertising

Feature Film Making 

Construction Site

Agriculture and Crop Surveillance 

Search and Rescue 

Tower Inspection 

Roof Inspection

We make the most out of your particular needs 

and will personally work with you to achieve the 

right solution of your goals.

ORS 837.375 Please be mindful of drone Operators

ORS 837.380¹ Know your rights as a property owner


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