Basic Package Real Estate

(Aerial Photo)

$100 per session

15+ Unique Aerial Photos

Basic Views and Angles of Homes

Quick and Easy Shoot

Insured per session

Schedule Job up to 1 week out

Advanced Package Real Estate

(Aerial Video & Photo)

$200 per session

1 .Aerial Video Session  - 1 min video

1. Aerial Photo Session  - 15 photos

All photos and video can be compiled into one media presentation.


( Both video and photo sessions must be at same location)

Premium Package Real Estate

(Aerial Video )

$ 150 per session

1 Minute of Aerial Video

Unique Angles and Shots

Fully Edited Video 

Insured per session

Schedule Job up to 1 week out

 Ask us about multiple location discounts !

All other Photo and Video Session pricing to be determined by logistics.  Custom pricing on all sessions.

We have something for everyones budget.  Let us work with you to get the most for your money.

Over water or ocean sessions are $150 per hour with a 1 hour minimum.

All session prices include ; travel, set up, flight time , flight insurance and post production.

Custom advanced post production available upon request.  Copyright rights included. All media included to you in your format of choice.

All Air Space waivers must be applied for 7 days in advance. Pleases consult with us about your airspace.


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