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Below are three compelling reasons to hire a professional pilot for your project: 

    •    Jaw-Dropping Imagery: Aerial photography takes image capturing to an entirely new level. Until now, affordable photography and video have largely been confined to two-dimensions. However, now you can have breathtaking images from angles that were never before possible, and in a way that won't break the bank. For instance, you can start with up-close, and then zoom outward and upward to show the size and scope of the subject. Weave through and around areas to capture excitement.

    •    Expert Handling: You may balk at hiring a professional and try to economize by strapping a GoPro® camera to a drone of your own. However, you're unlikely to be happy with the results. A seasoned drone pilot is an expert who knows how to maneuver his or her craft smoothly and seamlessly, securing memorable, impactful aerial video and photos. As professionals, they know how to point the camera where it needs to be, and they understand what elevations provide the best results for a particular image.  

    •    Incomparable Buzz: You'll be amazed by the word-of-mouth your projects results generate. Because drone imaging is such a popular new medium, your target audience will be eager to talk about their experience and share images with friends and colleagues. In short, hiring a drone pilot can help you generate unparalleled buzz.


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